São Paulo´s municipal council approved on this Tuesday (2)

Alderman Carlos Apolinário (DEM)‘s 294/2005 law project, which establishes on the city the Straight Pride Day.

The project depends only on Major Gilberto Kassab‘s approval to become a law.

Part of the 39 alderman manifested against the project, but there was no request for a nominal voting, and their position was not considered. On last semester, the dead-lock around this project prevented alderman on voting on their individual projects. To suppress this dead-lock, there was an agreement for its approval on this Tuesday.
The text proposes that the date shall be celebrated on December’s third Sunday. The project establishes that the date shall be on the minacity’s official calendar and assures that will fit São Paulo’s city hall to “stimulate the population to safeguard the morals and good customs.”

Carlos Apolinário, author of the project, affirmed that it is not against the Gay community. “I make an appeal for the respect of the homosexual human figure”, he said. Apolinário said that the project was only a way to protest against the “excesses and privileges” designated to the Gay community. He affirmed that one of the privileges is the LGBT Parade on Paulista’s Avenue, while the March for Jesus was dislocated to another part of town.

The main antagonist to the project, Ítalo Cardoso, lamented the council’s decision, but said that he didn’t asked for the nominal voting of the project so it would not impede the course of the Project. “If I asked (for the nominal voting) the project would not pass. Each alderman should be responsible for what he votes for”, he said.
Before the voting, Cardoso showed a video which had a report about the father who was attacked on a party on São Paulo’s Countryside just because he was hugging his son. The attackers mistook them for a gay couple.
After the voting, he criticized the project. “I don’t know on what does this project helps. The LGBT Parade is not a privilege. The fact that the March was transferred from Paulista’s Avenue is nor the fault or responsibility of the gay community”, he said. According to the alderman, LGBT are still discriminated in Real Estate, market, public transport and police stations.

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